From fairytale forest walks to the perfect rustic look, this forest arch creates the perfect entrance for your event. This beautiful tunnel arch also makes a great transition point between different areas of your venue. Your guests won’t be able to resist. And by controlling the entrance points, you’ll be able to create the ambiance and immersive experience you want.

It’s simple. Decide on a shape, pattern and style. Then get in touch to order your creative installation. Flowers, greenery, neon lights, show lights and signs included, according to your taste. It’ll give your event a unique style, which is no walk in the park.

Choose a spectacular arch or walkway (or both). Your venue dimensions will help you decide. With a whole range of themes, this arch is bound to help you capture your guests’ attention.

Get in touch today for a no-obligation quote. The hire price includes a one-day rental period.