If you need a quick shade for your events or exhibits, these clever portable canopies are the answer. Can be quickly erected at remote locations, indoor or outdoor displays, weddings, trade centers, carnivals, and galas. With our heavy-duty and durable Canopy Backdrop Stand, you can effortlessly create a spectacular event backdrop, Mandap, photo booth, sale stall, and any other commercial or decorative displays.

The expandable poles give you liberty of having desired heights, while the weighted steel square bases ensure maximum support to your heavy drapes and banners. Create a magical ambiance at your next outdoor or garden event with a floral and fabric embellished canopies oozing elegance and festivity all around.

Additional Information:

4x Extendable Cross Bars (1.8m - 3m)
4x Extendable Upright Posts (1.8m - 3m)