We offer a full collection of artificial grass, trees, seating boxes and accessories for hire. Perfect for creating an indoor garden at your event.

The versatile, artificial grass box benches provide seating for your guests. Or you can use them to section off different areas of the venue. Put them together in a continuous line, pattern or individually.

The round ball artificial Eucalyptus tree has distinctive dark foliage. Great as a focal point or adding height to your venue design. Height 1.7m. Diameter 50 cm

The water fountain creates a garden feel, even indoors. Note: if you’d like a functioning water feature, please let us know. The fountain is usually supplied as a decorative feature only. Height 1.5m. Width 78 cm.

The Roman plinth and urns add a sense of grandeur. Combine with flowers and atmospheric lighting for maximum impact. Plinths Height 90 cm. Width 40 cm, Urns Height 65 cm. Width 40 cm

Artificial turf brings the whole thing together. Length 4m x 3m. Please get in touch to discuss your needs. We’ll send you a free, no-obligation quote. The hire price includes a one-day rental period, plus delivery.