We believe in the power and magic of bringing people together.

Here at Vee AL Modish we’re a team of creatives, planners and innovators who specialise in ensuring that your event achieves all your ambitions.

Corporate events

 For us, it’s critical that we take the time to understand what your event means to you and your guests. Is it all about celebrating something special? Or perhaps you need to educate and inform your audience? Or maybe you want to delight and reward your people for their efforts.


Our process is tried and tested, blending inspiring creativity with operational excellence.

1) We work with you to identify all the important aspects of the event from what success looks like to the logistical requirements.

2) Our creative team gets to work on coming up with a series of concepts to present to you. We refine this with you until we’ve finalised exactly how you want the event to look and feel.

3) Our Delivery Team - led by your Event Manager - will take the creative concept and turn it into reality including comprehensive management of the whole process.


      We pride ourselves on attention to detail and full transparency with our clients and partners. This means that not only do we handle all aspects of the project including budget management, production schedules, site visits and so on, but we also provide a comprehensive audit trail of all documentation for your visibility. 

      With our years of experience we understand that despite the very best planning, you need to be prepared for the unexpected. Surprises happen. By ensuring that we’re better prepared than anyone else and that we work hand in hand with our clients, these surprises might still happen. But they are solved quickly and effectively. 

      Our experience around the whole UK means we’re perfectly placed to support you as you look to engage your audiences.

      Themed Private & Corporate Parties

      We love working with our clients from the very early stages - you don’t need to have everything carefully thought out yet. Just get in touch and let’s start talking about how we can create something special.